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Our Philosophy

"Be prepared and be honest" ~ John Wooden

Springsteel Investment Advisors' mission is to help financially prepare you and your family for your future and do it in a straightforward, disciplined way. Our investment philosophy is built on these fundamental investment beliefs:

Our Fiduciary Duty - As a Registered Investment Advisor we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest and we work independently of any broker/dealer or insurance company.

Fee Transparency – We clearly define our fees so you always know what you’re paying for our services.

Every Client is Unique – We work with you to define your unique goals, objectives and tolerance for risk and develop an investment policy specific to you. 

Risk Matters - Investors should be rewarded for the risks they take and protecting wealth from undue risk is part of a good financial road map.

Diversification Matters - Portfolios are diversified across industry, capitalization, asset class, economic region and risk characteristics to help avoid concentration of risk.

Taxes Matter - The practice of tax-efficient investing can provide a significant long-term benefit to our clients and is a primary part of our planning and investment management.

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